Don’t Send ALL Your Traffic to Zhang Yiming and Mark Zuckerberg

Most of you don’t know Zhang Yiming.

But you promote him anyway.

If you use TikTok to promote your business, you are sending traffic to

Zhang Yiming’s website.

Or maybe you don’t use TikTok, but instead promote your business on Instagram, sending traffic to

Mark Zuckerberg’s website.

Not yours.

By Lobo Studio Hamburg –, CC0,

If you own a business, don’t you want at least some of your traffic to go to your website, rather than their websites?

For example, this blog post attracts people to, Bredemarket’s website. People who read the post can see other things on the Bredemarket website – who I am, what I do, where I do it, and why things like customer focus and benefits are important.

People who read Instagram posts learn why the metaverse is important to Mark. They don’t learn why you do what you do.

So how can you use blog posts to attract traffic to your website?

I’ll tell you how in a future post.

The business TikTok post that I couldn’t share with you

I had a really good post planned for today.

While I’m not a big creator of video content, I can certainly appreciate good content, and I planned to share some excellent video content with you.

There is a mobile car washing service in my hometown of Ontario, California. Now videos of mobile car washing are more exciting than videos of…well, videos of writers writing, but not by much. So if you want to grab someone’s attention, you have to put entertaining content into a mobile car washing video.

(No, not that.)

So this local mobile car washing service posted a video on TikTok that began with the service washing…a kid-size vehicle.

Completely cute and entertaining, so I decided to share it from the TikTok app to one of my Facebook groups, and then decided that I wanted to write a blog post about it.

So I went to share the video from the TikTok web page to this blog, and was told the video was not available. I investigated further, and found this on the account page.

Yes, you read that right – a COMPANY’S TikTok account is PRIVATE.

I went back to my TikTok app, navigated to the account, and confirmed that the video was still there (for those of us who were logged in and following the account) and that hundreds of people have seen it.

But I can’t share it with you, nor can I share any of the company’s other videos, which are restricted to “Followers only.”

But trust me, it was a really cute video.