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What services does Bredemarket provide?

What services does Bredemarket provide?

  • Bredemarket provides marketing and writing services to businesses, including both content creation services and proposal services.

What content creation services does Bredemarket provide?

What proposal services does Bredemarket provide?

Why should I use Bredemarket for marketing and writing services?

  • John Bredehoft, the “Brede” of Bredemarket, offers Bredemarket’s customers a quarter century of marketing and writing experience in corporate communications, product marketing, proposals, user manual writing and editing, corporate strategy, strategic marketing, product management, and event management. See the Bredemarket “Who I Am” page or John’s LinkedIn profile.

What services does Bredemarket NOT provide?

  • Bredemarket does not provide graphic design services. Bredemarket can perform simple formatting, but if you need an expertly designed brochure or other document such as a restaurant menu, consider having Bredemarket write the text and a graphic specialist perform the graphic design.
  • Bredemarket does not provide resume writing services. These services are best provided by a resume specialist.
  • Bredemarket has discontinued its editing services. As of April 8, 2022, the Bredemarket 400E Short Editing Service and the Bredemarket 2800E Medium Editing Service are no longer offered. I prefer to concentrate on writing rather than editing. There are plenty of editors available.

What markets does Bredemarket serve?

What markets does Bredemarket serve?

  • Bredemarket serves businesses in the identity/biometrics market and the technology market, as well as local businesses in the Ontario, California area (Inland Empire West).

Why should identity/biometrics businesses use Bredemarket?

  • John Bredehoft, the “Brede” of Bredemarket, has worked in the identity/biometrics industry for over a quarter century, and is therefore qualified to provide identity/biometrics marketing and writing services.
  • Considering identification in general, John has worked with all five authentication factors, including something you know, something you have, something you are, something you do, and somewhere you are.
  • Regarding the “something you are” factor, biometrics, John has worked with friction ridges (fingerprints and palm prints), faces, irises, voices, tattoos, DNA, and additional biometrics.
  • John is a biometric content marketing expert and biometric proposal writing expert with over a decade of content marketing experience, over a decade of proposal writing experience, and over a quarter century of biometric experience.
  • Regarding the “something you have” factor, John has worked with physical secure documents such as driver’s licenses and passports, and has also worked with digital identity solutions such as mobile driver’s licenses.
  • Regarding the “something you know” factor, John does NOT believe that passwords should be eliminated. The “passwords are dead” movement fails to recognize that passwords and PINs are a perfectly suitable security measure in some instances.
  • John’s identity/biometrics work includes proposal RFx responses, sole source proposals, proposal templates, proposal libraries, battlecards, blog posts, case studies, demonstration scripts, sales playbooks, and strategic and competitive analyses.

Why should technology businesses use Bredemarket?

  • John has worked with other technologies in addition to biometrics, including identity and access management solutions, databases, customer relationship management systems, business intelligence systems, healthcare management systems, and others.
  • Regardless of the technology involved, I have vast experience in serving as a “bridge” between a business and its customers, ensuring that the business speaks to the customers in a language that the customers understand, and clearly communicating the how the business can satisfy customer needs.
  • John’s technology work includes proposal RFx responses, blog posts, technical leave behinds, and white papers.

Why should Ontario, California area (Inland Empire West) businesses use Bredemarket?

  • Bredemarket combines decades of marketing and writing experience with decades of living in Ontario and Upland, understanding the business needs in this suburban/exurban area. This allows Bredemarket to offer targeted local services.

What geographic regions does Bredemarket serve?

  • Bredemarket serves businesses in the United States, generally via remote communications such as Google Meet, email, and similar communication and file distribution services.

Are there any markets that you WON’T serve?

  • I can’t think of any at the moment. But be sure to ask.

How can I contract Bredemarket to help my business?

How can I contract Bredemarket to help my business?

What happens when I contact Bredemarket?

  • I start by asking you questions about your specific needs, so that I can design a solution that best meets those needs.

What happens next?

  • I will propose a solution that meets your needs and quote you a price.

How does Bredemarket package its services?

  • Some simple services, such as creation of a short piece of text, are offered as packages. My two most common packages are the Bredemarket 400 Short Writing Service (text of between 400 and 600 words) and the Bredemarket 2800 Medium Writing Service (text of between 2800 and 3200 words), which are offered at a fixed price. A complete list of available packages can be found at the end of the “What I Do” page.
  • In other cases, most notably proposals that do not fall into a neat preformatted package, I quote an hourly rate. This rate will be included in the proposal.

Do I have to do anything when you create content for my business?

  • Yes. Content creation is a collaborative process, and I will need your input at the beginning of the project to make sure we’re on the right track, and I will need you to review content drafts as I write them.

What if I want to modify what Bredemarket wrote? I REALLY think “best of breed” is the greatest phrase ever, and I’m shocked that you didn’t include it in the text that you wrote for me.

  • Have at it. Bredemarket works are “works for hire,” which means that you, not Bredemarket, own the content and can do whatever you want with it.

What if I have other questions?

Aren’t you repeating yourself?

  • Yes. But it’s better to provide information twice than not to provide it at all.