Bredemarket and LinkedIn articles and posts

What are LinkedIn articles and posts?

LinkedIn articles and posts are messages that are shared with other users on LinkedIn. It’s safe to say that articles are more prominent than posts on LinkedIn.

Individual LinkedIn users are able to publish both LinkedIn posts and LinkedIn articles.

However, LinkedIn company pages are only able to publish posts, and cannot publish articles. A LinkedIn company page can, however, reshare an article published on its CEO’s personal account.

Author view of the beginning of a LinkedIn article.

LinkedIn articles and posts can be repurposed as static documents, or shared on different social media platforms (or vice versa). Or LinkedIn posts can be used to link to other content, such as company blog posts.

In many cases, LinkedIn is an essential part of a company’s social media strategy. LinkedIn articles and posts allow companies to communicate with employees, potential clients, and other interested parties. When a client is researching a business, the client will often check the most recent contents of the company’s LinkedIn page, if it exists.

How can Bredemarket help you create LinkedIn articles and posts?

By Unknown author – postcard, Public Domain,

Because the length of LinkedIn posts is usually short, I can use the Bredemarket 400 Short Writing Service to create LinkedIn post content for my clients.

When LinkedIn articles and posts need to go into more extensive detail, I can use the Bredemarket 2800 Medium Writing Service instead.

Bredemarket uses a collaborative process with its clients to ensure that the final written product communicates the client’s desired message. Often the client provides specific feedback at certain stages of the process to ensure that the messaging is on track. I combine the client’s desires with my communications expertise to create a final written product that pleases both of us.

If you need fresh LinkedIn content, contact me.