Does your Inland Empire West (Ontario, California area) small business need content creation help?

There are a number of small businesses in my hometown of Ontario, California, as well as firms in ChinoEastvaleFontanaMontclairRancho CucamongaUpland, and other cities of the Inland Empire West.

Those businesses include my small business, Bredemarket.

What does Bredemarket create?

Bredemarket creates the words (content) that help your business communicate your critical message.

Or perhaps I can help you update your old messaging. (Do you have website or social media content that hasn’t been updated in a decade?)

Brochures and Catalogs

Perhaps the words you need will be in a brochure or catalog describing what you do.

From a handout that I developed for Bredemarket. The story behind this handout is told here.

Testimonials, case studies, and white papers

Or perhaps the words you need will be in a testimonial, case study, or white paper.

Text contributions to a Bredemarket client’s technology white paper.

Social media posts and blog posts

Or perhaps the words you need will be in a social media post or blog post.

Other content

Or perhaps the words you need will be in another document that you envision.

From a Bredemarket submission that is related to my work as a biometric proposal writing expert.

How does Bredemarket create content for you?

Before I (John Bredehoft of Bredemarket) create a single word, I start by asking you some questions about your content.

  • Why, how, and what do you do?
  • What is the topic of the content?
  • What is the goal that you want to achieve with the content?
  • What are the benefits (not features, but benefits) that your end customers can realize by using your product or service?
  • What is the target audience for the content?

After you’ve provided the relevant information to me, I’ll create the first iteration of the content, and we’ll work together to create your final content.

When we’re done, that final content is yours. You can post a PDF on your website, or you can post the text on your Facebook page, or you can print the content and hand it out to people who visit your business. Distribute it in the best way(s) possible to meet your goal and address your target audience that you provided at the beginning of the project.

Now let’s get to the mechanics of how Bredemarket creates content for you.

If your content consists of 400 to 600 words, then I create the content using the process detailed in my Bredemarket 400 Short Writing Service.

Bredemarket 400 Short Writing Service
If your content is longer, say 2800 to 3200 words, then I create the content using a similar (but more detailed) process through my Bredemarket 2800 Medium Writing Service.

Bredemarket 2800 Medium Writing Service
And if your content is shorter than 400 words, longer than 3200 words, or between 600 and 2800 words…I’ll work with you.

Are you ready to create content for your business?

If you have further questions about Bredemarket’s content creation services, please contact me.