Bredemarket and white papers

What are white papers?

Ever since the first white paper was created in 1922, white papers seek to inform the reader on a particular issue, and often (explicitly or subtly) guide the user toward a particular decision.

For example, if Disney were to commission a white paper on family entertainment, it’s a pretty safe bet that the readers of the white paper would be led to the conclusion that one significant provider of family entertainment is…Disney.

Portion of the concluding section of a white paper in which Bredemarket provided the text.

White papers are useful content to place on a company website, because the white paper can passively act as a “secret salesperson” to continuously promote the company. A library of such documents can have a positive impact on the company, provided that the library of documents is kept up-to-date. If a “company resources” page hasn’t been updated in some time, or if the resources have outdated content (“Our software solution runs on Windows 7!”), that’s a problem.

White papers can be repurposed in other formats. For example, a portion of a white paper can be repurposed as an online post, or the white paper may be reshared as a series of blog posts or as one or more LinkedIn articles. Alternatively, blog posts, Facebook posts, or LinkedIn posts can link to the original white paper.

How can Bredemarket help you create white papers?

By Karl Thomas Moore – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

To create white papers, I can use the Bredemarket 2800 Medium Writing Service.

Bredemarket uses a collaborative process with its clients to ensure that the final written product communicates the client’s desired message. Often the client provides specific feedback at certain stages of the process to ensure that the messaging is on track. I combine the client’s desires with my communications expertise to create a final written product that pleases both of us.

While I can provide my content creation services to general technology and other business firms, I can provide expanded services to biometric and other identity firms because of my status as a biometric content marketing expert.

If you need white paper text, contact me.