Biometric proposal writing expert

Update 4/25/2022: Effective immediately, Bredemarket does NOT accept client work for solutions that identify individuals using (a) friction ridges (including fingerprints and palm prints), (b) faces, and/or (c) secure documents (including driver’s licenses and passports). 

John Bredehoft of Bredemarket is a biometric proposal writing expert.

I don’t claim to be the ONLY one, but my biometric proposal writing expertise can help your firm win business.

I have worked with biometrics and other identity modalities for over 25 years, including friction ridge, face, iris, voice, and DNA.

I have spent much of that time managing, writing, and editing biometric proposals. I have created five biometric proposal templates for a Bredemarket client, edited another Bredemarket client’s biometric proposal between color reviews, and have helped other biometric companies win significant business.

How does this benefit biometric firms that want to win business?

No identity learning curve.

I’ll admit that most good writers can spell “AFIS.” But I know the issues behind AFIS and other biometric technologies: for example, why NIST tests such as the face mask tests under FRVT are important, and why they are NOT important. (Hint: NIST tests measure…performance in NIST tests.)

If you can use Bredemarket’s biometric proposal writing expertise, contact me.