Want to buy an Eastvale restaurant franchise?

You can learn anything via search engines.

You can learn how to order online from the Eastvale, California franchise location of Which Wich Superior Sandwiches.

From https://www.whichwich.com/

You can learn whether people like the location via Yelp reviews.

And if you dig deep enough, you can learn that the franchise location is for sale.

Now I am nowhere near an expert on franchising, but there are possible benefits to buying an established franchise rather than starting a new franchise. For one, you have instant revenue due to the existing sales (gross $480,000 from both foot traffic and delivery orders), so you don’t have to build up your business from scratch.

And the business owner, who is retiring, has some advice for the new owner. Depending upon what source you check, this location opens at 10:00 am and closes at either 6:00 pm or 7:00 pm, presumably because the owner doesn’t want to work early in the morning or late in the evening. But this offers an opportunity for the new owner.

Please open it for breakfast and dinner. There’s no place except MOD Pizza for dinner in that shopping center.

From https://www.bizbuysell.com/Business-Opportunity/wichwich-sandwich-place/1960565/

So if you want to run a sandwich shop and have six figures to spend, go for it.

And if you buy it and need some specialized marketing help, Bredemarket serves Eastvale businesses. I can’t answer all of a restaurant’s marketing needs (I don’t do menus, for example), but perhaps I can help you write the words for a B2B catering service that augments the restaurant’s regular revenue. Perhaps my Bredemarket 400 Short Writing Service could help you come up with a two-page handout to local businesses needing your catering.

Especially if you expand the shop’s hours and offer breakfast and dinner service.

If you’re an Eastvale business of any type who can benefit from Bredemarket’s content marketing and/or proposal services:


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