Bredemarket announcement: discontinuation of editing offerings

Behind the scenes, I have been spending the past month examining the services Bredemarket offers, and how my service offerings can best meet my goals for 2022 (including the super-secret goal that I am not publishing). As a result of this examination, I plan to make several changes to Bredemarket’s service offerings, one of which I am announcing today.

Effective immediately, Bredemarket is no longer offering editing services.

By Evan-Amos – Own work, Public Domain,

Some of you will recall that my “What I Do” page originally listed five writing service offerings:

I have reduced my writing offerings to three. As of today, I have discontinued the two editing services.

As I stated in my FAQ:

I prefer to concentrate on writing rather than editing. There are plenty of editors available.


I anticipate that I will perform additional-fine tuning to Bredemarket’s service offerings. I will announce these as necessary.

If you have any questions…


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