Marketing and writing services for Eastvale, California businesses

Amazon LGB3, taken July 23, 2022. See “Update on the Eastvale Restaurant Franchise.”

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If you manage a business in Eastvale, California (or in any other Inland Empire West city) and need help creating customer-focused text to attract new and existing clients, consider Bredemarket.

Who I am

I am John E. Bredehoft, the “Brede” of Bredemarket. I have been writing both business and personal content for my entire life, including the business-to-business (B2B) services that I provide via Bredemarket. I started Bredemarket in 2020 to help businesses communicate better with their customers.

I moved to the Inland Empire West after getting my undergraduate degree, and have lived in Ontario and Upland for…well, for a while now. I was initially employed in Rancho Cucamonga and then worked elsewhere in Southern California before returning to Ontario for work.

For more information on me, see the Bredemarket “Who I Am” page.

What I do

As the Eastvale, California content marketing expert, here are just a few examples of what Bredemarket can do for your firm:

I can provide many more B2B services; a complete list can be found here.

Normally I provide my services via packages, depending upon length. My two most popular service packages are the following.

If your content consists of 400 to 600 words, then I create the content using the process detailed in my Bredemarket 400 Short Writing Service.

Bredemarket 400 Short Writing Service
If your content is longer, say 2800 to 3200 words, then I create the content using a similar (but more detailed) process through my Bredemarket 2800 Medium Writing Service.

Bredemarket 2800 Medium Writing Service
For more services, see

I also provide services on an hourly basis.

If you have additional questions, see my “What I Do” page and my “FAQ” page.

How I do it

Before I create a single word, I start by asking you some questions about your content to make sure our project starts on the right foot. (Even though I am left-footed.)

  • Why, how, and what do you do?
  • What is the topic of the content?
  • What is the goal that you want to achieve with the content?
  • What are the benefits (not features, but benefits) that your end customers can realize by using your product or service?
  • What is the target audience for the content?

After you’ve provided the relevant information to me, I’ll create the first iteration of the content, and we’ll work together to create your final content. The specifics of how we will work together depend upon whether you have elected the Bredemarket 400 Short Writing Service, the Bredemarket 2800 Medium Writing Service, or something else.

When we’re done, that final content is yours (a “work for hire” arrangement).

Do you have questions?

If I can help your business, or if you have further questions about Bredemarket’s B2B content creation services, please contact me.