Bredemarket content marketing services for small businesses in and around Ontario, California (The September 1 iteration)

There’s a sentence on the home page for Bredemarket that you may have glossed over, but it’s one that’s been on my mind for the past year.

Bredemarket presently offers its services to identity/biometrics, technology, and general business firms, as well as to nonprofits.

In this post, I’m going to zero in on a small subset of the third market, “general business firms,” and see how Bredemarket can help them.

Read on if you own a small, arty business in the Emporia Arts District of Ontario, or perhaps a larger, less arty business north of Holt in Ontario, or perhaps even a business in Upland or Montclair.

Identity/biometrics and technology are good to go

These markets are intentionally expressed in a particular order.

  • It’s no surprise to anyone that reads my content that I’ve listed identity/biometrics first. After all, I’ve spent over 25 years in the identity/biometrics space, and therefore feel justified to self-reference as the biometric content marketing expert and the biometric proposal writing expert.
  • Technology is second on the list. As a matter of fact, Bredemarket’s first customer was a technology firm. And while I can’t necessarily speak to technology in the same depth that I can devote to identity and biometrics, I can clearly help technology clients with their content marketing and their proposals.

Getting more specific about “general business”

Which brings us to general business firms. (This post won’t even touch the fourth market, nonprofits.) This is obviously a broad category. Even if you don’t count sole proprietors (such as myself) or freelancers, there are somewhere around 7.7 million businesses in the United States. (This figure is from 2016; I’m not sure if it’s gone up or gone down in the last five years.) Now if you include sole proprietors in the total, then you’re talking about 32 million businesses. (This particular number may have actually increased over time.)

And the vast majority of those millions of businesses aren’t working in identity, biometrics, or even technology.

Obviously I can’t target them all. Well, I could try, but it would be a little ridiculous.

So what if I took a subset of those 32 million businesses and tried to see if Bredemarket could serve that subset?

The local small business persona

When you want to market to a particular group, you develop a persona that represents that group. You can then develop a profile of that persona: the persona’s needs, aspirations, and expectations; the persona’s underlying goals and values; and perhaps some other elements. The persona may be developed via extensive research, or perhaps via…a little less quantification.

So I began musing about a small business owner in my hometown of Ontario, California. Perhaps someone whose business is located here.

For those who aren’t from around here, the Emporia Arts District is in downtown Ontario, California, west of Euclid and south of Holt. While much of the activity is concentrated in the set of lofts/working spaces whose entrance is pictured here, there are also surrounding businesses that can be considered part of the district. And of course you can walk east of Euclid and north of Holt and find a wider variety of businesses.

But I concentrated on the businesses in the Emporia Arts District, noting that they’re…well, they’re arty. Let’s put it this way: my stick figures would not be attractive to them.

I did not draw this myself. Originally created by Jleedev using Inkscape and GIMP. Redrawn as SVG by Ben Liblit using Inkscape. – Own work, Public Domain,

Looking at my two general offerings, proposal services and content marketing, it’s fairly unlikely that my proposal services would interest this crowd. If these business ARE submitting proposals, they are most likely applying for federal, state, or local grants, and that’s somewhat outside of my area of expertise.

(Tangential comment to those who click on links: having fun is good.)

But can my content marketing services provide value to the businesses in the Emporia Arts District (and elsewhere in Ontario and the surrounding cities)?

I realized that I DID have something to offer here.

What if your local business needs a short text piece?

After all, my writing services can be fairly flexible. While I originally envisioned that my Bredemarket 400 Short Writing Service could apply to content such as blog posts or LinkedIn posts, it could just as easily apply to a general brochure of 400 to 600 words with customer-provided pictures of artwork, classes, clothing, haircuts, or whatever.

Chances are it will be a little more exciting than this.

Or maybe not. (The story behind the piece of content above, developed when my business card order got delayed, is told here. Storytelling is good.)

The same overall process can apply to a small craft brochure just as it can apply to a discussion of the benefits of using an Adobe-trained marketing systems consultant. In either case, the engagement would start with a series of questions:

  • What is the topic of the content?
  • What is the goal that you want to achieve with the content?
  • What are the benefits (not features, but benefits) that your end customers can realize by using your product or service?
  • What is the target audience for the content? (I’m not the only one who’s establishing personas.)
  • There are other questions that I may ask, but you can see the whole process here.

Once these major items are established (starting off a project correctly is good), I can get writing, you can get reviewing, and I can provide you with the final product. You can then post an electronic version of the content on your website, or you can hand it out to people who stop by your business or loft or farmer’s market stall or whatever. (Intangible and tangible content are BOTH good.)

What if your local business needs a longer text piece?

Maybe 400 to 600 words isn’t enough. Maybe you want a longer piece, such as an entire product/service catalog, or a catalog listing a whole slew of businesses (maybe all the businesses at a farmer’s market).

I can help with that too. My Bredemarket 2800 Medium Writing Service, originally intended for longer white papers, can be repurposed for other types of content.

As you can guess, the target number of words for my service is 2800 words, or up to 3200 words.

The process can be a little more intricate also. Because there is more text to review, the review cycles can be longer. And I may ask a few more questions at the beginning. But in essence it’s similar to the process for the shorter writing service, with basic questions about the topic, goal, benefits, and target audience. You can see the entire process here.

What if you want more than 600 words, but less than 2800 words?

I’ll work with you. (Flexibility is good.)

If you can use one of my content marketing services, what are the next steps?

The next step is to contact me.

So what is Bredemarket going to do next?

Share this online in places where you may see it. (Targeted content distribution is good.)

After that, repurpose (repurposing is good) this long, meandering blog post into some other type of content that I can distribute to businesses in the Emporia Arts District…or north of Holt…or in Upland or Montclair. Blog posts are transitory, and I’ll often express something in blog form and then pin it down in another format later.

Perhaps you can do the same, once I’ve created content for you.


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