My 9/21/2021 progress on Bredemarket’s five goals for 2021 (the 1/8/2021 9:30am edition)

Cue the wildebeests. It’s goal revisiting time.

Black wildebeest. By derekkeats – Flickr: IMG_4955_facebook, CC BY-SA 2.0,

I haven’t taken the opportunity to look at how I’m doing on Bredemarket’s 2021 goals for a while. I last looked at all of the goals back on February 22. Needless to say, a lot has happened in the intervening months, some of which I can’t talk about yet.

But let’s proceed on a goal-by-goal basis.

Goal 1: Help my clients to communicate and reach (and understand) their goals. 

Most notably, I’ve improved my internal processes to ensure that I collaborate with my clients at the very beginning of an engagement. My latest tweaks to my engagement kickoff process were made just recently, but I’ve already been able to incorporate the process in two projects. So far it’s improved things dramatically.

Goal 2: Pursue multiple income streams. 

I’ve done a lot here.

  • For indirect engagements, I’m now signed up with four different “intermediary services.” They haven’t really paid off yet in terms of income, but I’m constantly reminded (by words and actions) that it sometimes takes a LONG time to build up business.
  • For direct engagements, I’m not only working on building up my customer base in my biometric sweet spot, but I’m also working on reinforcing my services for general technology clients AND expanding to local non-technology businesses.

And there are other things in the works.

Goal 3: Pursue multiple communication streams.

A lot has happened here also. Bredemarket is communicating through a number of avenues:

Frankly, a lot of the items on these accounts are simple re-shares, but it helps to get the message to the people who need to see my message, in their preferred location to see my message. As I mentioned previously, I was initially reluctant to create an Instagram account…until I realized that many of my clients, potential clients, and evangelists are active on the platform.

Goal 4: Eat my own iguana food.

My offerings have evolved into two major categories: content creation and proposal services. And I’ve been generating my own content (see Goal 3) and my own proposals: not only to solicit client services, but also to express Bredemarket views on Requests for Comment here and there. (Here is an example.)

Oh, and regarding content, I’m slowly learning how to effectively use Canva, which I’ve used to create my business card and my most recent brochures.

Goal 5: Have fun.

Hey, I’m trying. The local marketing lets you see some interesting things.

One of the pictures I took at Ontario’s “Cruisin Reunion” last weekend. If you followed Bredemarket’s Instagram account you would have already seen it.

Goal 6: Be prepared to change.

I’ve performed SOME efforts to create internal goals that are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time bound), which has helped in the tracking.

As for change, I’m expanding my offerings to local businesses as previously mentioned, and may implement some other changes in the future which I can’t talk about yet. (Can I use the “p” word yet? Better not.)

You know, 2022 is coming.

But I’m not the only one who needs to set goals. You probably have some goals for your business also. Perhaps you set goals for 2021, achieving some, not achieving others. Perhaps you’re already starting to think about your goals for 2022.

Can Bredemarket help you with those goals? Do you have content creation goals? Do you need to improve your proposal process or your proposal standard text (boilerplate)? Do you need an easy-to-use template that conveys your message?

If Bredemarket can help you with any of these things, contact me.

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