Four Mini-Case Studies for One Inland Empire Business—My Own

I guess I can be persuasive. I just persuaded myself to do something.

On Saturday, I wrote the post “Six Benefits for Inland Empire Businesses from Case Studies.

Then I asked myself, why not write a case study for my own Inland Empire business, Bredemarket?

If I could demonstrate that Bredemarket benefited a firm via a case study, that could help Bredemarket get business from other firms. I said so myself:

A well-crafted case study can be the first step in convincing a potential customer to become a paying customer.


Achieving 400% of My Goal

But once I started writing the document, I decided that one case study wasn’t enough.

So I wrote four mini-case studies in the same document, briefly describing how I helped four Bredemarket clients create different types of content so that they could win more business.

  • I helped one client to quickly generate consistent proposals. One of the client’s salespeople even provided me with a testimonial. (You may have seen it before.)
  • I helped another client share persuasive case studies. The client kept on coming back to me for more case studies—a dozen in all—and other work.
  • I helped a third client position via blogs and a white paper.
  • Finally, I helped position a sole proprietor.

After the four mini-case studies, I briefly described how Bredemarket works with clients. (Sleep is involved.)

By Ilya Repin – Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Public Domain,

I didn’t get into my six questions, since I already wrote an e-book on that topic, but I did provide an overview of the initial meeting, the content iteration process, and my work for hire policy (which explains why I didn’t name the four clients listed above).

So would you like to read my four mini-case studies?

Here is my latest e-book, “How Bredemarket Can Help You Win Business.”

And if I can help you win business, let me know. I have Saturday morning office hours.

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