Six Benefits for Inland Empire Businesses from Case Studies

Blog posts aren’t the only way that Inland Empire businesses can market themselves. Case studies are a somewhat different format, but case studies offer six benefits to Inland Empire businesses.

The six benefits

Here are six benefits that you can realize from case studies.

Case studies build credibility for Inland Empire businesses

You can claim that you do things from here to Rialto, but you’re claims may not be credible if you don’t have independent confirmation.

Independent confirmation adds credibility.

Which is why I like to quote this testimonial that Bredemarket received from a client.

“I just wanted to truly say thank you for putting these templates together. I worked on this…last week and it was extremely simple to use and I thought really provided a professional advantage and tool to give the customer….TRULY THANK YOU!”

Although the testimonial writer wasn’t from Inland Empire business, Bredemarket can provide the same services for local firms. And I hope you are just as happy with the result.

Case studies build trust for Inland Empire businesses

With credibility comes trust. When potential customers read your case studies and find out what you’ve done for others, they’re more inclined to trust that you can provide similar benefits to them.

Case studies increase awareness for Inland Empire businesses

Traditional sales funnels start with awareness, since people won’t buy a product or service unless they’ve actually heard of it.

By Steve simple – Own work, CC BY 3.0,

Case studies offer a mechanism to tell a good story about how someone faced a problem, chose your solution, and achieved wonderful results. Regardless of the specifics of your case study outline, it probably includes a problem, a solution, and results somewhere in there.

And entertaining stories can be told again and again as you share your case studies on social media…and others share your case studies on social media.

Case studies highlight the expertise of Inland Empire businesses

As potential clients learn about you, they also learn about your expertise, or what you can do. For example, people who need proposal templates and who read the testimonial above learn that Bredemarket can create proposal templates. And when they read a case study about your product or service, they learn about your expertise in your particular area.

Case studies increase the online visibility of Inland Empire businesses

Credibility, trust, awareness, expertise.

So what?

The “so what” here is that in the same way that your friends can refer people to your business, your case studies can refer people also.

As your case studies highlight your credibility and trust, provide awareness, and demonstrate your expertise, your products and services (as documented in the case studies) become known to search engines, especially if you’re resharing via social media. And as the search engines record your case study content, you gain a “secret salesperson.” I wrote about this a couple of years ago, quoting Rhonda Salvestrini:

Content for your business is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic. It’s your secret salesperson because it’s out there working for you 24/7. And it’s evergreen, so not only is it working…day in and day out…it’s available years down the road.

Rhonda Salvestrini

To prove the point that online content provides long-term benefits, I just conducted an incognito Google search for the words rhonda salvestrini secret salesperson.

  • Salvestrini’s own LinkedIn page was only the second result.
  • The first result was my 2020 blog post.
  • The third result wasn’t from Salvestrini either. It was a Facebook page for an old personal blog of mine that happened to reference those four words.

If you were searching for Salvestrini’s website and ended up at my blog post, I should clarify that I didn’t intentionally hijack Salvestrini’s traffic to draw it to my content. By happy accident, I just happened to use the magic words that drew searchers to my post. But if you’re interested in Salvestrini’s services, go to her website

Now imagine the power if a potential customer is searching for their preferred terms and finds your case study.

And your secret salesperson isn’t secret any more. (Sorry Freddy.)


Case studies increase revenue for Inland Empire businesses

Credibility, trust, awareness, expertise, online visibility.

So what?

How about the bottom line? That’s important.

Bredemarket doesn’t do business in Sweden, but if it did, I’d want to get a lot of kroner. By Foto: Jonn Leffmann, CC BY 3.0,

A well-crafted case study can be the first step in convincing a potential customer to become a paying customer.

So how do you create the case study?

Glad you asked. (Well, you sort of asked. Actually I asked. But you get the point.)

Well, you can just start writing, or get someone to start writing, and call the end result a case study.

But you need to create the right content.

And Bredemarket has a way to work with you to create the right content. To find out how to start a case study writing project or any writing project, click below.

Or just go straight to


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