Bredemarket 4000 Long Writing Service

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The long writing service does not have a “standard” offering per se, because of the variability of what may be needed. Work is billed at an hourly rate.

Examples of previous work: Here are a few examples of deliverables that I have provided under this arrangement.

  • Created and maintained four proposal letter templates to let a biometric firm’s sales staff propose a product to four separate markets. After completing the first three templates, I received this unsolicited testimonial:

“I just wanted to truly say thank you for putting these templates together. I worked on this…last week and it was extremely simple to use and I thought really provided a professional advantage and tool to give the customer….TRULY THANK YOU!”

  • Monitored the social media activity of a biometric firm’s competition, and created responsive proposal text to position the firm against its competition.
  • Assisted a biometric firm in the final stages of an RFP response, editing its proposal both before and after its Gold Team review.
  • Managed portions of two RFP responses for a biometrics firm, including a response that introduced a new product before its public announcement.
  • Organized, managed, and wrote an RFI response for a biometrics firm, educating SMEs on the difference between benefits and features.

Length: Variable.

What Bredemarket provides: Text in Microsoft Word docx format. Callout indicators, hyperlinks, key words, and/or hashtags provided as appropriate.

Number of review cycles: Variable.


Bredemarket’s content creation process ensures that the final written content (a) answers the WHY/HOW/WHAT questions about you, (b) advances your GOAL, (c) communicates your BENEFITS, and (d) speaks to your TARGET AUDIENCE. It is both iterative and collaborative.

Here is the general content creation process (which may vary depending upon content complexity and your preferences):

  • You and Bredemarket agree upon the topic, goal, benefits, and target audience (and, if necessary, outline, section sub-goals, relevant examples, and relevant key words/hashtags, and interim and final due dates).
  • For complex content requiring input and approval of multiple subject matter experts, you and Bredemarket agree on a preliminary list of tasks, assigned persons, and due dates.
  • For content that must be incorporated into your content management system, you and Bredemarket agree on the necessary format and other parameters. Otherwise, the final copy will be provided in Microsoft Word docx format, including (as appropriate) callout indicators, hyperlinks, key words, and/or hashtags.
  • For projects requiring multiple related pieces of content, you and Bredemarket agree upon the desired frequency of content.
  • You provide relevant technical details (and, for selected content, access to the end customer for a 30 minute interview).
  • Bredemarket conducts any necessary research (or interviews).
  • Bredemarket iteratively provides an agreed-upon number of review copies of the draft content within the agreed-upon number of days per review. (The number of review cycles and review time must agree with any due dates.) The draft content advances your goal, communicates your benefits, and speaks to your target audience in your preferred tone of voice. Relevant examples and key words/hashtags are included.
  • You return comments on each review copy within the agreed-upon number of days. For longer content, you may provide the draft formatted copy for the final review.
  • After all reviews and comments, Bredemarket provides the final copy.

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