Bredemarket 4000 Long Writing Service

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The long writing service does not have a “standard” offering per se, because of the variability of what may be needed. Work is billed at an hourly rate.

Examples of previous work: Here are a few examples of deliverables that I have provided under this arrangement.

  • Created four proposal letter templates to let a biometric firm’s sales staff propose two products to three separate markets. After completing the first three templates, I received this unsolicited testimonial:

“I just wanted to truly say thank you for putting these templates together. I worked on this…last week and it was extremely simple to use and I thought really provided a professional advantage and tool to give the customer….TRULY THANK YOU!”

  • Monitored the social media activity of a biometric firm’s competition, and created responsive proposal text to position the firm against its competition.
  • Assisted a biometric firm in the final stages of an RFP response, editing its proposal both before and after its Gold Team review.

Length: Variable.

What Bredemarket provides: Text in Microsoft Word docx format. Callout indicators, hyperlinks, key words, and/or hashtags provided as appropriate.

Number of review cycles: Variable.


  • Agree upon topic (and, if necessary, outline) with client.
  • Client provides relevant technical details.
  • Bredemarket conducts any necessary research and provides the first draft per the agreed upon schedule.
  • Client provides changes and any additional requested detail per the agreed upon schedule.
  • This cycle continues until the final version is delivered to the client.

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