Bredemarket’s three goals for 2022 (the 12/6/2021 5:35 pm edition)

It’s goal time again.

But before setting goals for 2022, let’s take a look back.

How did I do in 2021?

Long-time readers will recall that as of January 8, 2021, I had five (actually six) goals for Bredemarket. So how did I do?

Goal 1: Help my clients to communicate and reach (and understand) their goals. Accomplished, and I got better at this over the year after I developed an intake form to look at my clients’ overall goals, benefits, and target audiences.

Goal 2: Pursue multiple income streams. Mostly accomplished, including income streams from new sources, although I’m still working on the local income stream.

Goal 3: Pursue multiple communication streams. Mostly accomplished, including a new LinkedIn showcase page, a new Instagram account, and a budding commitment to video. The podcast isn’t as active as it could be, though.

Goal 4: Eat my own iguana (actually wildebeest) food. Accomplished in a variety of ways, including submitting my own Request for Information (RFI) responses on behalf of Bredemarket.

Goal 5: Have fun. Accomplished (perhaps too much). I’m not sure how many people enjoy the YouTube music videos that are appended to more and more of my posts these days.

Goal 6: Be prepared to change. Accomplished so far, as I’ve rolled with the changes that took place in 2021.

But am I prepared for perhaps even greater changes in 2022?

What will I do in 2022?

The first tweak that I made to my goals for next year is that I’m defining fewer of them. I recently heard a suggestion that it’s best to only set two or three goals, rather than a slew of goals. Therefore some of my older goals, such as “have fun” and “be prepared to change,” are going to fall by the wayside.

The second tweak that I made is to make the goals SMARTer. While my 2021 goals were time-bound, they lacked specificity or measurability.

The third tweak…well, you’ll see it in a minute.

So what will I do in 2022?

Goal 1: Realize Bredemarket revenue from biometrics/identity, technology, and local business clients, as well as one other category to be determined. This goal encourages me to continue to realize biometrics/identity and technology revenue, start to realize local revenue, and to pursue revenue from a source that I haven’t even thought of yet.

Now the person who suggested that a business should only set two or three goals also stated that the business should define steps to realize each of these goals. I’m not going to share these steps here, in part because I haven’t figured then out yet. But I’m going to need to pursue some specific actions to continue established business and start new business.

And I obviously can make this goal smarter by targeting specific revenue amounts, which I’ve done in Goal 3.

Goal 2: Establish Bredemarket as a recognized authority in its market segments. Now I’m not talking about self-proclamation here (I’ve already done that for biometric content marketing and biometric proposal writing; I’m talking about having others recognize me in some substantive way. References from others are more powerful anyway.

Again, I need to figure out how to do this, and may even need to revise the goal to make it SMARTer once I figure this out.

Goal 3: This one’s a secret. I’ve set another goal that I’m not sharing publicly, but that clearly fits the SMART criteria. Now I have to see if I can do it.

OK, my goals are set. (Unless I change them.) Let’s see if I can meet them.

But if YOU need more robust goals…

If you think that my goal-setting process is too simple for you, and you would like to commit to a more robust process with annual and quarterly goals, as well as definition of the tasks that will help you accomplish the goals, you might want to sign up for Jay Clouse’s Annual Planning Workshop on Friday, December 17.

I will not be joining you, however. Not because I don’t think Jay Clouse’s workshops are of value; they certainly are (I created action items after attending his Invisible Selling workshop).

I won’t be joining you because I have a scheduling conflict.

(I may say more about my scheduling conflict in a future post.)


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