Don’t count your bears, and don’t forget them either in Upland

I recently talked about planning for various scenarios, but I didn’t image something like this. Consider the following:

  • Amazon delivery drivers are measured on their ability to deliver packages. Kinda like U.S. Postal Service employees, but Amazon has better measurement tools.
  • Upland, California lies just south of a sparsely inhabited mountain range. Even though the mountain range has semi-desert conditions, the mountains are teeming with wildlife.

Put those two together, and you have this story from Los Angeles’ ABC station.

Yes, that’s an Amazon driver in the foreground, raising his hands to try to scare a bear away so he can make his delivery. He was successful.

The full Storyful video can be found here. (And of course it’s a Ring video. You didn’t expect a Nest video, did you?)

By the way, if your business has a story to tell, Bredemarket can help. (Psst: Upland businesses should scroll to the end of this page for a special “locals only” discount.)

If you would like Bredemarket to help your business tell your story…

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