My 2/22/2021 progress on Bredemarket’s five goals for 2021 (the 1/8/2021 9:30am edition)

You will recall that I set goals for my consultancy Bredemarket in 2021. These goals were last revised on January 8, and I don’t see a pressing need to revise the actual goals at this time.

Well, except for the fact that I’m thinking about wildebeests rather than iguanas these days.

Black wildebeest. By derekkeats – Flickr: IMG_4955_facebook, CC BY-SA 2.0,

But this is a good time to see how I’m doing regarding my 2021 goals.

Goal 1: Help my clients to communicate and reach (and understand) their goals. 

You will recall that this is the “obvious” goal that some businesses don’t even explicitly mention because it should be second nature. Whether a business chooses to mention it or not, it’s essential that the business measure its ability to help its clients.

I cannot go into detail about what Bredemarket is doing with specific clients, but I do believe that I am assisting my clients in reaching their own goals. I’ve shared a testimonial that one of my clients gave me, and I have also received confidential feedback from clients about certain things that I have done for them.

Goal 2: Pursue multiple income streams. 

I’ve devoted a recent post to this, and things have only improved since then.

First, I have an update on my “I cried, I read, I (halfway) conquered” post in which I was trying to get two service listings approved on an (unnamed) intermediary service. When I last left the story, one of the service listings was approved, and the other wasn’t. After I slept on it some more, I revised the text for the second service listing to explicitly mention case studies. After this textual change, the second listing was approved. So I got another cookie.

Second, I have signed up with yet another intermediary service (IS) that allows me to work with a particular identity company. I was put in touch with this IS by a particular person. I would publicly identify that particular person, but if I did so, then everyone would know the identity company, and I make a practice of not identifying my clients. (Since I usually function as a ghostwriter, it’s not beneficial to me to say that I ghostwrote for Company X.) But I am thankful for that person’s efforts (and must privately thank the person personally once I finish this post). After signing up with the intermediary service, I immediately received a consulting request from the identity company, and was able to work on that request.

So now I’m signed up with multiple services, some of which are already providing consulting opportunities for me, and others which may provide opportunities in the future. We’ll see what happens.

Goal 3: Pursue multiple communication streams.

I need to work on this one.

Yes, I have this blog, my Facebook and LinkedIn outlets, and my intermittent podcast.

But other avenues might be beneficial. (Not the plane with a banner.)

I’ve been trying to think of video ideas. So far I’ve shied away from video, because a video of me sitting at a laptop computer typing stuff would not only potentially reveal confidential information, but would also be extremely boring.

But I have been toying around with a video idea that might be mildly entertaining. If I pursue it I’ll let you know.

Goal 4: Eat my own iguana food.

(Or wildebeest food. Same thing, unless you’re an iguana or a wildebeest.)

This ties in with my other goals, such as my idea about creating a video. Not that I’m going to become a 1938 Media and start creating videos for my clients, but it’s good to at least be familiar with the practice.

Goal 5: Have fun.

I am continuing to do this, especially since I have been reading other content that points out that people don’t do business with faceless companies, but do business with people within those companies.

As long as the fun is appropriate and serves an ultimate purpose, fun can be beneficial.

But I’d better read up on the life and characteristics of wildebeests, just in case I get asked specific questions about them.

Goal 6: Be prepared to change.

As I already mentioned, I don’t see any need to add any more goals at this time. These goals are more than enough for me to tackle at the moment.

However, there is one change that I probably should make to the existing goals: perhaps not to the public-facing goals, but to my internal tracking of these goals. The best change that I could make is to make the goals measurable. For example, I could set a particular number of income stream sources, or better still a particular number of income stream sources that actually produce measurable income in 2021. I’ll consider this…internally.

But what about your goals?

Did you set goals for 2021? Have you taken the time to see how you have performed against your goals?

And can Bredemarket help with any of your communication goals?

Take a look at what I do, and if my services can help you, contact me.

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