Am I about to put myself out of business?

If you’ve read the Bredemarket blog over the last few months, you know that I’ve talked about several topics ad nauseum:

  • Attracting business to your firm via content marketing.
  • Six questions to ask before launching a writing project.
  • Maintaining a customer focus in your written content.

When I meet with a client, I ask my six questions (actually more) and then create marketing content with a customer focus…for a fee.

But now some alternative, no-cost methods for content creation are available. But are they any good? Let’s test one of them.

Feeding the six questions to ChatGPT as a prompt

If any of you have used generative artificial intelligence, you know that you feed a “prompt” to your generative AI engine of choice, and the engine then returns a result.

Here’s a prompt that I recently fed to OpenAI’s ChatGPT:

Write a blog post based on these six inputs: (1) Why: help clients make money (2) How: offer inbound marketing services to clients (3) What: write client blog post to attract business (4) Goal: increase client visibility (5) Benefits: increase business via customer focus (6) Target audience: Inland Empire technology firms

I’ve reproduced the response verbatim in the following post, including the title that ChatGPT supplied. I could probably play around with the prompt and get a response that is more on target; the prompt that I fed to ChatGPT ended up with a huge emphasis on inbound marketing.

What do you think? Is generative AI “good enough” to put Bredemarket and other content marketers out of business? Or do experienced and talented human writers provide enough added value so that their content stands out from the crowd? Personally, I think I could have written something much better…but I could be wrong.

If nothing else, I wrote my post (and this one) in less than 15 minutes, versus the 2+ hours I spend on my previous post and the underlying web page. So if I’m primarily interested in churning out quantity rather than quality, ChatGPT is my friend. And if my post receives incredible traction, ChatGPT is really my friend.

By the way, I’ve done this before, but this time I’m posting the generative AI post with no modifications.

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