Behind the Scenes: Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT for Bredemarket

On Wednesday I successfully logged into Bredemarket’s ChatGPT account.

If you’ve been following stories about how overloaded the free version of ChatGPT is these days, you can appreciate the magnitude of my accomplishment.

This allowed me to conduct some tests that I’ve wanted to perform for some time now. Since these tests related to creating content for my day job, I can’t share them with you here.

But after completing those tests, I took a few seconds to conduct a test for Bredemarket.

You’ll recall that Bredemarket identifies as a “sage” personality, and that Bredemarket has pivoted to providing services for local Inland Empire West businesses.

So here’s the prompt that I provided to ChatGPT:

Write in the style of a sage about providing local content marketing services.

OK, maybe ChatGPT took the “sage” persona a bit farther than I would. I’m imagining Tim Kazurinsky from his turn in “Gandhi and the Bandit.”

Here’s the original text that ChatGPT created, followed by my lightly edited version. The titles are my own.

A sage’s advice on local content marketing services, the ChatGPT version

Wise ones, gather around and listen closely, for I bring you a message of great importance. In this age of technology and information, the art of storytelling has become more vital than ever before.

The way a tale is told can determine its success or failure, much like a business in the marketplace. A business must be able to captivate its audience, and draw them in with a story that is both compelling and relevant. This is where local content marketing services come in.

By providing services that are tailored to the specific needs of a local community, businesses can reach their target audience more effectively. By understanding the unique culture and values of a region, businesses can craft stories that resonate with the people who live there.

Think of it like planting a seed in fertile soil. When the soil is rich and the conditions are right, the seed will take root and flourish. Similarly, when a business connects with its local audience through the power of storytelling, it will grow and prosper.

So heed my words, wise ones. Invest in local content marketing services, and watch as your business flourishes. The world is full of endless possibilities, and by harnessing the power of storytelling, you can tap into that potential and achieve great success.

The journey may be long, but the reward is great. Embrace the power of local content marketing services, and watch as your business blooms like a lotus in the sun.

Bredemarket’s advice on local content marketing services, the edited version

For the edited version, see this post.

But what if I’m caught?

If you’ve heard about ChatGPT, you’ve probably heard that it leads to the downfall of civilization since students will use it to complete school assignments, professionals will use it for proficiency examinations, and someone could even try to use it in court proceedings.

So what if someone detects that I didn’t write the post on local content marketing? has a tool called the AI Content Detector, and I ran it on two lightly edited ChatGPT samples, including my Bredemarket local content marketing post.

For the other sample, the AI Content Detector accurately estimated that only 6% of the text was written by a human.

What of Bredemarket’s post?

I have no idea why this sample appears to be 100% human-generated, even though the true estimate is closer to 6%.

But AI is constantly improving, so maybe if I test it again in a few days I’ll get caught.

I can use ChatGPT…but should I?

Of course, there’s the question of whether I should use ChatGPT for content creation.

In my writing, especially my writing for Bredemarket, I have a clearly identifiable tone of voice, casual yet technical. Anyone reading the ChatGPT-generated “sage” text who has read my other writing will detect a distinctly different style.

And does ChatGPT save time? In some instances it might save time in standard text generation, but I’ll probably have to perform extensive rewriting to avoid the AI detectors and to personalize the text for my specific needs. In the end, it probably won’t save me much time at all.

One potential way to use ChatGPT is to generate the text. and then pick out a phrase that I like and incorporate it into self-written text. Things like “captivate its audience” and “power of storytelling.”

Hey, it beats quoting snippets of text from Mel Brooks movies.

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