Picture this

Because I choose to follow conventional wisdom (for once), just about every Bredemarket blog post is adorned with an image. (I should be adorning each post with a video, but that’s another story.)

Most of my blog post illustrations come from Wikipedia because of the ease in legally using most Wikipedia images.

But what if I want an image that I can’t find on Wikipedia?


Yes, it’s an acronym. For Do It Yourself. (I’ll explain my fascination with acronyms in a minute.)

Mitch Wagner does it himself. His latest post for Silverlinings is accompanied by generative AI artwork, created by Midjourney. The image conveys the exact message that Mitch wanted to convey. To see the artwork, read Mitch’s post.

But I’m not using Midjourney; I’m using something else

I haven’t jumped on the Midjourney bandwagon yet. So far the only generative AI art application I’ve used is Craiyon. It’s extremely easy to use, doesn’t require you to set up and account, and has some nice options including the generation of nine images at a time so you can pick and choose the one you want.

But so far I haven’t generated a Craiyon image that is as impressive as the one that Mitch generated on Midjourney.

Although the Craiyon image in this Bredemarket post was nice.

Generated at craiyon.com.

More recently, for one of my other blogs (jebredcal) I wrote a post entitled “AAC (acronyms are confusing)” in which this image was the featured image.

Generated at craiyon.com.

Not as detailed as what Midjourney produced. And frankly, I had to type in the KYS myself, even though I specified in my Craiyon prompt that the sign had to say “KYS.” I got a blank sign instead. Maybe Craiyon can’t read or write.

Anyway, this certainly merits some more experimentation. I’ve already experimented with generative AI text, so some generative AI image experiments sound like fun.

But I won’t use generative AI to write code.

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