Ontario Art Walk, February 18, 2023

I finally made it to the quarterly Ontario Art Walk in downtown Ontario, California last night. I didn’t make it to all the studios, but here’s a sampling of what I did see.

Socal Trout Cartel

I’ve been following SCTC’s Instagram account for some time, and obviously knew of the interest in fishing and the clothing, but did not know that SCTC manufactured custom fishing rods. The technical specifics are way beyond my understanding (my only fishing experience was at Boy Scout camp, and I bought a cheap pole for that), but SCTC is more than happy to answer any questions you might have. https://www.socaltroutcartel.com/

I Am Threads

Co-located with Socal Trout Cartel, I Am Threads offers women’s clothing. See the website.

Lebec Makeup Atelier

So after looking at women’s clothing, I looked at women’s makeup. A few young women were busily applying makeup to celebrate a “prom night.” Hope they enjoyed it. https://lebeconline.wordpress.com/

Dirty Window Gallery / Rebecca Steen Art

This is another account that I have followed on Instagram for some time, and it was nice to finally meet Rebecca in person. My picture only captures a small part of her art; I should have taken more pictures.

Steen’s Etsy shop is here.


I encountered my first DJ of the evening here. The atmosphere yesterday evening took me back to my college days. (OK, maybe Reed College was a little grungier.)

More information about Geo.Metrics is available at DOIA and on Instagram.

Paul Williams Gallery

Historical note: the gallery was not founded by Paul Williams. Well, I guess it sort of was. Paul Williams was an architect who designed a post office in Ontario in 1925, as David Allen notes. The post office moved to another location in 1941, but the building is still associated with Williams (as are others). The gallery that opened there in 2005 took Williams’ name, although it features art rather than architecture. Another Instagram account I’ve been following.

Dragon Fruit Skincare

I didn’t buy women’s clothes or women’s makeup, and I didn’t buy women’s skincare either (although their products are advertised as unisex). I did want to mention, however, that this was the second DJ of the evening, although this performance was lower key than the other two. https://www.dragonfruitskincare.com/

Chaffey Community Museum of Art

Crossing Euclid, I revisited the Chaffey Community Museum of Art, which featured rare evening hours in conjunction with the Ontario Art Walk. The current exhibits are from Chaffey Joint Union High School District students and faculty. https://www.chaffeymuseum.org/

Ontario Museum of History and Art

The third DJ (from JustUs Entertainment), a Black History-themed exhibit, and the tried-but-true exhibit devoted to the history of Ontario capped off my evening. https://www.ontariomuseum.org/

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