Pangiam is flying high on its acquisitions

Pangiam, the company that acquired both the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority product veriScan and the Trueface company and product, is continuing to establish itself in the airport market (while pursuing other markets).

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Forbes recently published this article:

Delta Airlines, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and a travel tech company called Pangiam have partnered up to bring facial recognition technology to the Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL). 

As of next month, Delta SkyMiles members who use the Fly Delta app and have a TSA PreCheck membership will be able to simply look at a camera to present their “digital ID” and navigate the airport with greater ease. In this program, a customer’s identity is made up of a SkyMiles member number, passport number and Known Traveler Number.

Of course, TSA PreCheck enrollment is provided by three other companies…but I digress. (I’ll digress again in a minute.)

Forbes goes on to say that this navigation will be available at pre-airport check in (on the Fly Delta app), bag drop (via TSA PreCheck), security (again via TSA PreCheck), and the gate.

Incidentally, this illustrates how security systems from different providers build upon each other. Since I was an IDEMIA employee at the time that IDEMIA was the only company that performed TSA PreCheck enrollment, I was well aware (in my super-secret competitive intelligence role) how CLEAR touted the complementary features of TSA PreCheck in its own marketing.

Now I have no visibility into Pangiam’s internal discussions, but the company obviously has a long-term growth plan that it is executing.

So what will its next step be?

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