Revisiting my “pursue multiple income streams” goal…with SMA Inc.

You may recall that I previously announced a desire to repurpose and extend my content by revisiting some of my five (plus one) goals that I set for Bredemarket in 2021.

I’ve already revisited my “have fun” goal, clarifying that you need to have fun…with a purpose.

Today I’m ready to revisit my “pursue multiple income streams” goal, with a specific WAY in which I plan to pursue multiple income streams. Because multiple income streams can potentially merge into a large income stream.

By Vvnataraj – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

What was the goal again?

For your benefit, I’ll start by restating the goal itself, taken from my most recent revision to my 2021 goals.

Goal 2: Pursue multiple income streams. This is really an internal goal for Bredemarket, but it affects my approach.

While I know WHAT I want to do—I’m not going to quit marketing and writing and start selling nutritional supplements—I’m exploring HOW I want to do it. In some cases I’m approaching potential clients directly, while in others I’m using one of several intermediaries to do it.

There are advantages and disadvantages to direct vs. intermediary solicitation, but it’s wise to have multiple options. Some options may perform better at some times, while others perform better at other times. We’ll see what happens.

Which brings me to a conversation that I had a few months ago.

At about the same time that I became a free agent last July, one of my coworkers also became a free agent. Jenna Beck, in addition to managing proposals for biometric systems, has also consulted and written in many other disciplines.

One day, Jenna reminded me of Wordman.

Wordman? Who is Wordman?

Now there are a number of superheroes that are saving the galaxy, but those of us who know our APMP from our STC are well aware of the super powers of Wordman. While other superheroes can leap tall buildings in a single bound, Wordman can optimize your use of Microsoft Word via supplementary software, consulting, and training. This is a super task indeed.

However, like many superheroes, Wordman has a second identity, although his is not so secret. (Of course, with the introduction of new biometric technologies, the identities of other superheroes aren’t that secret either.)

When he is not wielding macros and styles, Wordman goes by the identity of Richard (Dick) Eassom, Vice President of Corporate Support at SMA Inc.

Jenna knew that I was already set up as an independent contractor, and suggested that I consider signing up as an associate with SMA.

SMA? What is SMA?

SMA is a consulting firm, originally established as Stephen Myers & Associates (SM&A) in 1982. It started as a proposal assistance firm (Fun fact: many proposal assistance firms incorporate “wins” either in their corporate name or in their web URL, and SMA at is no exception.) Over the years, and after several acquisitions and pivots, SMA has grown from a proposal assistance firm and now helps clients with all aspects of a program lifecycle, from pursuit through performance. A complete list of SMA’s capabilities can be found here.

To fulfill this, SMA needs associates (independent contractors) with experience in a variety of disciplines. Figuring that SMA could possibly use an identity professional with strategy, marketing, proposal (primary state and local) and product management position, I put my name into consideration.

This required an evaluation of my experience in a format consistent with SMA’s Talent on Demand® system. As part of this process, I identified approximately 40 specific projects that I have worked on in the last 25 years. Yes, it’s a thorough process.

After completing this evaluation as well as two interviews, I was officially accepted as an associate with SMA late last year. Now that the paperwork has been completed, I am officially on board as an associate, available to serve SMA’s clients as a market / competitive strategist.

Thanks to Jenna, Wordman, and everyone else who helped me to onboard with SMA. I will still be consulting with clients directly—in fact, SMA assumes that its associates have income streams outside of SMA—but now am also available to clients via SMA’s TOD system.

As I said before, we’ll see what happens.


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