Why Did I Use the Word “Bleary” In My Previous Post?

As we know, generative AI sources its training data from a diverse array of sources, often without the knowledge of the sources themselves. But where do humans source their data? Sometimes from intentional sources, and sometimes from unintentional sources.

I just published a post entitled “Revolutionary Changes in the Generative AI Pricing Model Coming Tomorrow: How Will They Affect the Output?” While portions of the post were written by (today’s) free generative AI tools, the majority of the words came from my brain.

My “bleary-eyed” brain.

I was in Mexico City all week for a marketing sprint. Definitely a tech company sprint, with t-shirts and everything.

In Mexico City’s Polanco district, Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

But what generative process selected the word “bleary” to use in that post?

I’m not sure about the specifics about why (geddit?) I chose that word, because I hadn’t heard the word “bleary” during the sprint. I was listening to a lot of music this past week, but none of the songs included the word “bleary.”

  • Many of the lyrics I heard were in Spanish.
  • One lyric repeated the phrase “take me to church”; it was not a religious song.
  • Another had some lyrics I choose not a print in this blog or anything else I write. (The song had an aquatic theme.)

It turns out the word “bleary” is one that Mick Jagger sang in a Rolling Stones song from the 1970s.

“Far Away Eyes.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VyK1bZZ7E-s

The lyrics in question:

I had an arrangement to meet a girl, and I was kind of late
And I thought by the time I got there she’d be be off
She’d be off with the nearest truck driver she could find
Much to my surprise, there she was sitting in the corner
A little bleary, worse for wear and tear
Was a girl with far away eyes

From https://genius.com/The-rolling-stones-far-away-eyes-lyrics

The takeaway from this post: how can we ask generative AI tools the specifics of their content generation techniques if we don’t even know how humans generate content?

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