Who said something about marketing channels that lack content?

Good evening, loyal readers. Although I’ve tested your loyalty lately.

This is my first post on the Bredemarket blog since December 24.

As in nearly a month ago.

Now who was it that said “If your marketing channels lack content, your potential customers may not know that you exist”?

Oh, yeah. That was me.

So what happened? Why haven’t I been posting anything here in nearly a month?

Well, business picked up considerably, and I haven’t had the spare time to conceive and write new blog posts.

(Incidentally, it turns out that the “(non-identity) proposal consulting contract” that I referenced in my December 10 post will extend beyond Tuesday, January 25. The end customer granted an extension to the proposal due date, and we’re taking advantage of the extension.)

And I already have two new projects lined up, as well as some continuing work.

Now I just have to figure out a way to continue my own marketing efforts.

Because as someone once said, “If your channels lack content, your potential customers may forget about you. And that’s NOT good for business.”

Perhaps I should hire myself to create content for myself. That would result in some interesting entries in my accounting system. And would I issue a 1099 to myself?

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