Something I wrote elsewhere about the biometric systems development lifecycle

One of my non-Bredemarket blogs is JEBredCal, and I recently wrote something on that blog entitled “The biometric systems development lifecycle.”

By Horst59 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The post describes several steps in the lifecycle, including:

  • Strategic/market assessment.
  • Product release definition and development.
  • Capture and proposal strategy.
  • Contract negotiation.
  • Business system requirements analysis.
  • Implementation.
  • Operation.
  • End of life.

At each stage, there are decisions that you need to make regarding whether you will pursue something, or instead choose NOT to pursue it.

  • Does it make sense to pursue this market? As Peter Kirkwood notes, sometimes you SHOULDN’T pursue a market.
  • Does it make sense to release this product? Again, maybe not.
  • Does it make sense to bid on this Request for Proposal? Again, maybe not. Especially if the opportunity cost of bidding on a low-PWin opportunity instead of another opportunity is high.

No, a “no” decision doesn’t mean that you stick a fork in it. The post implicitly refers to ANOTHER definition of a fork.

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