Revisiting my unintentional viral tweet, and revisiting my mini-goal for April

You’ll recall that on March 31, a tweet of mine (from my “amateur” Twitter account) unexpectedly went viral.

Within 15 hours, the tweet had over 48,000 impressions and over 1,000 engagements.

Things have hit a plateau since then—the good times weren’t going to last forever on this one, after all—and the tweet currently (1:34 pm PDT Tuesday April 6) has the following statistics:

  • Impressions: 68,721
  • Total engagements: 1,470
  • Likes: 1,009
  • Detail expands: 302
  • Profile clicks: 116
  • Retweets: 32
  • Replies: 11

But that’s not the important part.

As I noted in my prior post, the TRUE challenge is to create meaningful content on my “professional” Twitter account @jebredcal. Specifically, I challenged myself to have an April tweet with 212 or more impressions and 10 or more engagements.

How am I doing? Not there yet. My top tweet in April so far has 167 impressions, 3 engagements, and unquantifiable value add (specifically, my statement that “[t]he standard is ‘currently going through the adoption process'”).

Hmm…perhaps Elena Salazar can help me. After all, she’s written a post about writing highly engaging tweets. And she specifically used the word “engaging” rather than “impressionable,” so you can see she’s interested in results.

I’m not going to reproduce the whole post, of course, and I’m already doing one of the things that she mentioned – after all, my unintentional viral tweet would not have gone viral if it hadn’t been a reply to Greg Kelly.

One of her suggestions in her post was to “have fun.” As long-time readers of this blog will appreciate, that particular suggestion resonated with me, since it’s one of my goals for 2021. Salazar notes that human connections are prized more than ever. (Provided that you’re not faking your humanity, I guess.)

Salazar also had two suggestions on the timing of tweets. No, she wasn’t talking about tweeting on Mondays at precisely 8:22 am. (These suggestions never did much for me anyway. Bredemarket’s target geographical market is the entire United States, from Maine to Alaska and Hawaii, and there’s no ideal time that appeals to everyone in that geographical market.)

Bredemarket’s geographic market, according to Google.

What Salazar WAS discussing was participating in timed Twitter chats, and tweeting during live events. While I’ve engaged in the latter at times (most notably during the years that I regularly attended Oracle OpenWorld), I have rarely participated in timed Twitter chats that were not connected to an event. Here’s some of what Salazar said at the time (August 2019, before the world changed) about Twitter chats:

I personally try to attend 2-3 Twitter chats per week.

Tip: Some of my favorite digital marketing chats are #CMworld (Tuesdays at 9am PT), #SEMrushchat (Wednesdays at 8am PT), #Adweekchat (Wednesdays at 11am PT) and #TwitterSmarter (Thursdays at 10am PT). 

Checking the Twittersphere, #CMWorld (CM = content marketing) still seems to be a thing (I missed it by a few hours this week), as do #SEMrushchat (tomorrow), #Adweekchat (also tomorrow), and #TwitterSmarter (Thursdays, although it may go on at all times like #MarketingTwitter).

Of course, these hashtags are general and not specific to identity or even technology, but maybe I’ll try to drop in on one or two new Twitter chats this month.

(Note to self: tag Elena Salazar on the tweet that links to this post.)

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