Bredemarket 404 Web/Social Media Checkup

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My standard offering is described below. This can be adjusted based upon client needs.

Length: Variable.

What Bredemarket provides: Text in Microsoft Word docx format or Microsoft Excel xlsx format.

Number of review cycles: Not applicable.


  • Agree upon scope of social media accounts to be examined, including company and/or key executive website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube accounts.
  • Agree upon other content to be examined, such as downloadable PDF files.
  • Agree upon timeframe (varies depending upon the complexity of the project).
  • For each social media account and page within each account, check for these and other items:
    • Broken links
    • Outdated information
    • Other text and image errors
    • Synchronization between the web page and the social media accounts
    • Content synchronization between the web page and the social media accounts
    • Hidden web pages that still exist
  • Report results to client with recommended actions.
  • If requested, prepare a simple social media communications process for the Client.

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