(Past illustrations) Standard text

(This past illustration describes something that I performed in my career, either for a Bredemarket client, for an employer, or as a volunteer. The entity for which I performed the work, or proposed to perform the work, is not listed for confidentiality reasons.) PROBLEM Companies need to respond to questions from their potential customers. OftenContinue reading “(Past illustrations) Standard text”

Sage Advice on the Benefits of Local Content Marketing Services

(This text was primarily created with ChatGPT. For the story behind the text, read my previous post.) Inland Empire West business owners, gather around and listen closely, for I bring you a message of great importance. In this age of technology and information, the art of storytelling has become more vital than ever before. TheContinue reading “Sage Advice on the Benefits of Local Content Marketing Services”

Behind the Scenes: Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT for Bredemarket

On Wednesday I successfully logged into Bredemarket’s ChatGPT account. If you’ve been following stories about how overloaded the free version of ChatGPT is these days, you can appreciate the magnitude of my accomplishment. This allowed me to conduct some tests that I’ve wanted to perform for some time now. Since these tests related to creatingContinue reading “Behind the Scenes: Harnessing the Power of ChatGPT for Bredemarket”

Bredemarket’s Two Step Target Segment (Persona) Definition Process

As professional marketers will tell you, using a real person rather than a constructed persona to define your target audience (or target segment) is an absolutely terrible thing to do.

But be terrible.

For some of you, I recommend that you consider using a real person as a starting point.

400 Words Are Worth Many Pictures

As I pivot Bredemarket’s writing services (due to my exit from some biometric writing) and return to a more regular blog posting schedule, I’ve discovered that Bredemarket isn’t the only Inland Empire West business that could use some additional text content. There are local business websites with blogs that are nearly dormant. And that’s notContinue reading “400 Words Are Worth Many Pictures”

Remote working obscures one fact about us

In the remote workplace, we present our physical personas via the cameras on our computers and smartphones, and all of the context outside of the camera range is lost. This post highlights one of these pieces of context, highly critical in in-person interactions, but almost completely obscured in remote interactions. Is the loss of this piece of context important?

I’m still the biometric content marketing and proposal writing expert…but who benefits?

Let’s look at why I declared myself the biometric proposal writing expert (BPWE) and biometric content marketing expert (BCME) in mid-2021, what happened over the last few months, why it happened, and whot benefits.

Why the Toyota Arena’s square footage is unimportant in Zurdo vs. Boesel marketing…or YOUR marketing

Why not talk about the arena at the beginning of the fight announcement? Because fight promoters are smart. Fight promoters know that to make a sale, they need to maintain a customer focus.